Jessica Hayes

Jessica Hayes

Position Title
Service & Support Analyst

IET Professional Services

260 Cousteau Place, Suite 110, Davis CA 95618
Office Hours
M - F, 7:30am - 4:00pm

Jessica has worked in training and technology since the early 1990s. During a previous career at the Standard Life Assurance Company in Canada working in health insurance, the globally-position company underwent a top-to-bottom culture change. Clients became the lens by which all decisions and policies were viewed, culminating in an ethos known as "Total Customer Satisfaction." Little did she know how profoundly this training would affect her outlook on what it means to deliver timely, accurate service that—above all—not only meets but exceeds expectations. This is the core value Jessica brings to each interaction with her colleagues in the hope that it makes SiteFarm not only easy to use, but enjoyable as well.

She's been part of the UC family since 2000, joining UC Davis in 2011, and IET specifically in 2015. She's also single-handedly attempting to plant a forest in her cube space.