Sprint #28 Complete

Laptop with programming code displayed on the screen with a smartphone resting to the site of the laptop.

The changes accomplished during this latest sprint have been merged to our test environment for review and will shortly be uploaded to the SiteFarm service for your use, likely within a week. As usual, where appropriate, documentation will be added to the Training section of the site.

  • Migration - The migration tools project is coming along well, especially for Cascade users. Successful tests of basic site migrations have been completed, with the focus now moving to mapping specific Cascade page types (Flex, Standard, Person, Event) to their counterpart in SiteFarm's content types. Currently, work on moving Flex and Standard pages to Article and Basic pages has been completed. Site Managers will be happy to know they will have the ability to assign the content of a Cascade folder, like /news, to their preferred content type, like Article, thus making the migration even more efficient by transferring content to the most appropriate page type. Our current delivery timetable is in summer 2017 with the release of SiteFarm 8.2.
  • Unpublished Notice - An alert will appear embedded in a page, for internal users only, indicating if a piece of content is currently in an unpublished state.
  • Trumba How-toTrumba Calendar documentation is now available, including a demo calendar page showcasing all the available block configurations.
Bug Fix
  • Quick links - resolved the problem of the top three links appearing outside the quick links box in the Chrome browser
Feature requests delivered
  • With the exception of emergency fixes, any new feature requests approved for development will be added to the service during our summer update of SiteFarm 8.2.
Feature requests reviewed for development
  • A way to incorporate a site-specific robots.txt file
  • A block to embed external social media feeds