CSS Editor

Livening up your layouts with CSS Editor

You've been wishing for ages for an easier way to make a few changes to your site without the expert-level skillset and developer set-up necessary to do your own sub-theming. SiteFarm 5.0.0 introduces CSS Editor, your built-in solution for not just simple style updates, but full-on layout changes to blocks in your content region.

Announcing the SiteFarm 5.0.0 Release

SiteFarm 5.0.0, full of our latest features and fixes, will be released on Monday evening, August 6th, and available for your use first thing Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Check out our latest additions to the service.

CSS Editor

What is the CSS Editor?

The CSS Editor is a single Cascade Stylesheet (.css file) that has been added via an interface in your site's Appearance section. This is the middle ground between using the SiteFarm's default look and full-on sub-theming, which is more involved and requires knowledge of development.

The CSS Editor will allow for simple modifications to the look and layout of your site. It will allow you to target styles globally or by page.

Users must be a Site Manager in order to use this feature.