SiteFarm 6.1.0

People related to content blocks

The site gives you two different system blocks for the purpose of featuring specific individuals as a sidenote to a page's main content:

Duplicating Blocks and Pages using Entity Clone

This functionality is not included by default as it is typically unnecessary;
it must be enabled by a Site Builder or a member of the SiteFarm team through the Service Request Form. What is Entity Clone?

Entity Clone is a module that allows anything designated as an entity (Any defined chunk of data in Drupal. This includes things like nodes, users, taxonomy terms, files, etc.) to be duplicated.

Fancy File Delete

What is Fancy File Delete?

It's a module specifically designed to help you manually remove documents you have uploaded and linked to your site.

Why is Fancy File Delete necessary?

A change made to Drupal in the last year by the Drupal Community of developers removed the ability to delete files via the existing method in preparation for the rollout of the Media Library Initiative. The problem stems from the fact that the Media Library is still in development and not ready for use. In the meantime, we're offering this interim solution.