Basic page content type

What should you use the Basic page content type for?

The Basic page content type is intended for content that doesn't change often, such as About pages or pages about administrative policies.

Basic page sections

  • Title - required. Text entered will be used as the title of the page, included in the breadcrumbs, and become the page's URL unless otherwise configured.
  • Summary - Enter the text you would like to use as a brief, custom teaser OR leave blank and the system will use a trimmed segment of the body text instead.
  • Body - A WYSIWYG interface provides you the means of adding in your article's main content.
  • Primary image - optional - if used, the image will appear full width of the screen below the primary navigation with the page title embedded.
  • Document attachment - any associated documents will appear as titled, downloadable links at the bottom of your published page.
A final output in mobile view of the Basic page
An example of a Basic Page content type as it might be viewed in a mobile format.