Basic block

The Basic block allows you to create a block with a title, body text, and assign an optional color styling.

To create a Basic block

  1. From the admin panel, click on Shortcuts »  Blocks.
  2. On the Block layout page, click on the Custom block library tab located close to the top of the page.
  3. Click on the +Add custom block button.
  4. From the list of available blocks, click on Basic block.
  5. Configure the available options (outlined below).
  6. Click Save to finish.

Configure your Basic block

Available options include:

  • Block description - (required) - A brief description of your block
  • Color this box with a Branding Color - (optional) - Check this box if the contents of this box should be recolored to a category branding color.
  • Collapse this block - (optional) - Check this box if this block should turn into a collapsible block that will show the block title and expand the content when clicked.
  • Body - (optional) - a full WYISWYG content area to add your text
  • Revision information - (recommended) - any time you make an update to this block it's recommended that you include a brief description of the change. The Revision option represents your way of rolling back the content to an earlier save point.

When the block configurations are complete, move on to reviewing your block's visibility.