Featured People

The featured people block is a system block (View) that will pull in information from an already-created Person page in your site. If you don't already have the profile completed, learn how to create a person page now. Note: you can create a person profile and hide it from your regular people directory using Additional Options (on the right side of your admin page) » Promotion options » Hide from Directory checkbox.

Designating Featured People

  1. Navigate to the profile of a person you want to feature and click the Edit button.
  2. Under Additional Options, locate the Promotion Options section and click on it to expand the view.
  3. Click on the Feature Content checkbox. Note: you can create profiles for individuals not meant to be listed in your regular department list. In this section, you can also check the Hide from Directory if the profile is intended to only be used as the subject of an article or spotlight style presentation.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button to finish.

Adding a Featured Person block to a region

  1. From your admin panel, either use the Place block button in the upper right corner or click on Shortcuts » Blocks to go to the Block layout page.
  2. Choose your preferred region where you want the block to live.
  3. A dialogue box will open containing the list of available blocks. In the filter field, type in 'Featured People' to get quick access. 
  4. Next, configure the block to your preferred specifications:
  5. Determine the necessary column width.
  6. Determine if your Page's visibility is correct.
  7. Click Save to finish.