Create a Layout Builder Page

Layout Builder is only available from the Basic page content type.

  1. In your admin panel, click Shortcuts » Add content to begin.
  2. Click Basic page from the list.
  3. Give the page a Title. Add any configuration or information necessary under Additional Options as desired.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
  5. On return to the page view, a new tab will appear located between Delete and Revisions, called Layout. Click the Layout button to access the Layout Builder interface.


A screenshot of the initial view of the Layout Builder interface after activating the feature in a Basic page.
Once you have created and saved your Basic page, then clicked on the new Layout tab, your screen will update to display your Layout Builder interface. From here you can add Sections, incorporate In-line blocks, and apply styles and column configurations to make a pleasing layout design for your content.