Understanding Layout Builder

What is Layout Builder?

Layout Builder is a Drupal Core add-on feature designed to help users create more complex, visually appealing page layouts. This feature is entirely optional, but does require users to review the documentation to fully appreciate and learn its particular requirements and quirks.

Like a far more robust version of the Layout Column Widget which works within the Main Content block, the Layout Builder:

  • builds rows, called Sections, with varying columns within which to add blocks
  • integrates in-line blocks (blocks specific to a single page's Layout) without adding to the overall block count. If absolutely necessary, regular global blocks from the Block Layout page can be added too
  • can override some, many, or all regions in a Basic page to make room 
  • lets you make re-useable templates, either for a single row or a template for an entire page, content and images included
  • includes the ability to set background colors and images, and even custom CSS classes
  • includes a variety of pre-set widths, heights, and containment settings to give you edge-to-edge, narrowed, or regular content-width outputs

Where should you use it?

Layout Builder is only available within the Basic page content type. This feature is intended for use in high-profile pages such as homepages, high traffic page entry points especially as validated by search results, and splash pages designed to support major departmental efforts, projects, and campaigns.

How does it differ from the other SiteFarm layout options?

Each of the layout options described in our introduction to the layout tools available in SiteFarm, serve a specific purpose shaped by the location in which it will be used. In Layout Builder's case, this feature is designed to work seamlessly with page regions, WYSIWYG, Layout Column Widget, and Sibling Grid, but lets you swap out the Main Content block for the greater flexibility built into its own layout system.

In this specific location, blocks used are referred to as In-line blocks, whether they are System or Custom blocks, as they are used in-line with the page only and have zero connection with the rest of your site and its pages. You must navigate to your specific page using the Layout Builder in order to add, modify, or delete associated In-line blocks. Blocks that are listed in the Block Layout page and Custom Block Library are not associated with your Layout Builder page by default for two reasons; one, mostly to avoid a huge amount of clutter, and two, the vast majority of your existing blocks likely wouldn't be used on your Layout page. That said, a Site Manager can always enable the connection if you prefer.

Revisions tab

The Revisions tab available from your page's default view is integrated with Layout Builder allowing you to revert to previous save points at earlier stages of your Layout Builder process.


Workflows—the option to save as Draft, Published, or Archived—is available, but from the default page view.

Multilingual Translations

Language translations are not supported in Layout Builder. As of July 2023, an active issue is still listed with the Drupal Community to include multilingual support for this feature. Should the Drupal Community successfully integrate it into Layout Builder, our team will review it to determine if/how was can add it to SiteFarm.