In-line Block Configuration

Screenshot of an in-line block with its submenu options exposed.
Access the in-line block's submenu by hovering on the block and clicking its pen icon.

As mentioned in the comparison of Layout Builder in-line blocks versus global blocks, the in-line blocks also differ in that you deal with the block's configuration directly on the page through its own unique submenu.

In the screenshot shown to the right, you can see that, once the pen icon has been clicked, a submenu specific to in-line block displays showing the available options.




Opens the full block configure options including access to the Title and Body text areas. Below the Body, you may also have a Block Style option with additional settings depending on the type of block.

Style settings 

Opens the configuration tray out of the right side of the screen and gives you a quick menu of style options you can choose from. Styles already selected from the block Configuration screen will display first if enabled. Additional options from the Add a style menu include:

  • Brand color - select a color from the official palette list
  • Vertical spacing - set the spacing values for the area outside of your in-line block (top and bottom) and the space between this block and any other blocks inside the section around it but still inside the specific Section's bounding area. These values are similar in effect to those used in the Layout Columns Widget, but are listed as:
    • Default
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Huge
    • Vast
    • Remove space
    An illustration of the vertical spacing layout showing the area outside of the section and the inside of the section where users can choose the amount of space to include.
    Note however that additional options may be available, but again it depends on which block you are styling if it has extra options such as Featured content.
  • Use Advanced Spacing - fine-grain control is available to set each of these values on an individual basis for Top, Bottom, Left, and Right sides using the available checkbox.
  • Custom CSS field - a field where you enter in the name of your custom CSS class for custom styling to affect this specific block



Works similarly to the region selector in Global blocks, but in this case allows you to choose a new location based on the Administrative Section Name and then within by weighted list. If any other blocks share the Section, you can choose where in the order your in-line block will go in the weighted list.

A screenshot of the list of Move option locations in this page, listed first by Section name, then by weight column regions within the Section.
A screenshot of the list of Move option locations in this page, listed first by Section name, then by weight column regions within the Section.

Remove block 

This option will delete the in-line block. Please note this is a permanent deletion so be certain you wish to follow through.