Slideshow Gallery block

The slideshow gallery block is a system block (View) that will pull in information from an already-created Gallery page in your site. If you don't already have a gallery, learn how to create a gallery page now. 

Adding a slideshow to a page region

  1. From your admin panel, either use the Place block button in the upper righthand corner or click on Shortcuts » Blocks to go to the Block layout page.
  2. Choose your preferred region where you want the block to live.
  3. A dialogue box will open containing the list of available blocks. In the filter field, type in 'Slideshow gallery block' to get quick access. 
    Search for the keyword slideshow gallery in the block list.
  4. Next, configure the block to your preferred specifications:
    Slideshow block configuration options
  • Title - this block's internal identifier name, which can also be used in its display.
  • Display title - if checked, the Title field information provided in the previous field will be displayed over top of your slideshow gallery.
  • Gallery Title - enter in the name of a gallery that already exists on your site. When you start typing its title, the system will try to offer a list of suggestions based on the characters you've entered that best match your title.
  • Show the Gallery Title on the first slide - if checked, the system will overlay the Gallery's title on the first slide (see example at the top of this page).
  • Lazy Load the images - recommended for page efficiency.
  • Slide Navigation Thumbnails - adds an additional row of thumbnails beneath the slideshow that users can click on to swap back and forth between images in the set.
  1. Determine the necessary column width.
  2. Determine if your Page's visibility is correct.
  3. Click Save to finish.