Sprint #24 Complete

Close-up of a laptop screen displaying computer code.

The changes accomplished during this latest sprint have been merged to our test environment for review and will shortly be uploaded to the SiteFarm service for your use, likely within a week. As usual, where appropriate, documentation will be added to the Training section of the site.

  • Quick Links - the quick link in the upper right corner (when enabled) will now automatically switch back and forth between the default one used on the UC Davis home site to your custom Quick Links menu without requiring you to attach it.
  • Custom new user message options - site managers will now be given the opportunity to craft a welcome notification message to new users that will include a proper link to your SiteFarm site (http://yoursitename.ucdsitefarm.acsitefactory.com/login). Documentation
  • Demo site - a new demo site will shortly come online in the next week or so allowing folks interested in trying out the service without signing up. Users will have the chance to try it out as an Editor or Contributor and see how the various features work in a sandbox-like set-up. Try the Demo now.
  • Subtheming Starter Kit - Mark Miller has created the beginnings of a starter kit for those of you interested in exploring how to create your own subthemes. Documentation will be added to the Site Builder section soon.
  • Bug fix:
    • basic page type now allows the primary image to stretch the full width of a screen
    • users can now successfully replace the default SiteFarm logo with their own without repeatedly needing to clear the site cache

Feature requests delivered

  • Color branding management - two new theme controls will become available in the Appearance > Color Styles section for managers allowing you to disable branding colors on page titles and teaser trims if you would prefer to leave everything as a default blue or implement subtheme styles more easily. Documentation.
  • Person - View More Info - the button has been restyled to make it blend in with the other links to minimize its presence to overcome a concern of heavy-handed repetition on the page. It now aligns with the content information links in a subtle way.
  • Featured People block - a new system block will be added to the service, available from the Place blocks menu. To use it, you will select the "Featured content" option in a Person page, and then place the Featured People block in your preferred location. Please note that Article content types already offer you a means of associating a Person reference with an Article. Documentation.

Feature requests reviewed for development

  • Please continue to submit your feature requests, but note that the team will not be actively adding any new features until after the launch of the SiteFarm service to the campus community on April 17th. 
  • Link options added to the titles of blocks
  • An 'All' option on the person directory listing. This would work for a dozen or two profiles in a list, but the longer the list, the more likely the page will fail to load creating a poor user experience for your visitor.