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Media Captions

Updated - now shows the updated method of adding captions to media via CKEditor 5. Please note that our custom feature to auto-populate the Caption field with the caption info you may have added to an image when uploading it to your Media Library no longer functions in CKEditor 5. We're attempting to bring this feature back, but thus far it's proving complicated. Please follow the suggested workaround as the new default process.

"My image library is huge now. How can I organize it?"

If your site is any larger than a few pages and/or you've been very active adding or using existing media, it's quite likely you've found your Media Library content to be growing at a quick pace. It's never a bad idea to consider how your images and files are organized, and you can do that through Taxonomy—before, during, and after you've added them to your site.

Changelog SiteFarm Release 8.2.0

The long-awaited Media Library has arrived! We're pleased to announce the integration of this Drupal Core functionality into the SiteFarm platform and what it means for the future of your sites.

Inserting Links

Create links in your content to pages both inside and outside your site.