Media Captions

What is a caption?
A caption is a brief bit of text displayed beneath an image or video.

How is a caption different from the alternative text (alt text) required for accessibility?
Alternative text provides a description of the literal image or video in a way that provides a screen reading device the means to provide your visitor with a comparable experience to a sighted visitor. A caption can provide a description that includes context and additional details. Note that the caption is readable by a screen reader and is also visible to search engines for SEO purposes.

Where will captions display on my site if enabled?

  • Article page types - beneath the primary image/video (by default)
  • Blocks - beneath the image/video in WYSIWYG body regions
  • All pages - beneath the image/video in WYSIWYG body regions

How to add a caption to your media

  1. Navigate to Shortcuts » Media or Shortcuts » All content » Media tab.
  2. Either add a new piece of media or edit an existing piece that needs a caption.
  3. Locate the Caption field and enter in your text.
  4. Click Save to finish.



As a result of the upgrade from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5, the custom functionality our team built into the media caption feature has become incompatible. We're aware of the change in the feature's behavior and currently working to see if we can bring it back, though it's proving very complicated. As a workaround, please copy the caption you wrote for your media and paste it into the Caption field.

How to enable captions in your pages and blocks

Page and Blocks: When adding media to your page or block via the WYSIWYG, you will have the option to enable the field to include a caption; it will not display by default.

  1. Once you've inserted your media, click on the image itself to reveal the Image Properties bar that will then appear above or below the image:
    Image properties menu options 
  2. By default, the Caption checkbox won't be set. Click on the first icon to the left that looks like a square with a short line underneath it. This will create a text box beneath your image. Type your caption into the box, then click outside of your image to work on the rest of the page, alternately;
  3. Save your page to finish.

Please note that if you have included a caption when you uploaded your media to the library, your caption text will not populate here automatically as it did when SiteFarm used CKEditor 4.