Prepping images

We recommend you prepare your images before you upload them to your site in order to maximize their quality and functionality.

SiteFarm does not include any image editing tools, so it will be necessary to either acquire software like Photoshop or else find free resources on the internet, like the open-source image editing app called GIMP, to make any necessary adjustments to your images. You can google for various tutorials on preparing images for websites.

Image file types allowed in SiteFarm:

  • Images
    • .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
  • SVG

Dots per square inch (dpi): 72dpi
Maximum file size: 3MB

Recommended Image Dimensions 

See all image dimensions listed in our SiteFarm Patternlab

Image Dimensions Matrix
Image Type Dimensions
(width x height in pixels)
Hero banner
*available with the new redesign in July '21
Title banner/Basic page primary image 2000x460
Person profile image 520x580
Focal link block image 63x63
Marketing Highlight block image 640x480
Focus Box block image 1000x380
Article body images 640x480
Content type primary images 1280x720
Event body images 640x480
Person body (bio) images 520x580
Slideshow images 1000x563
Photo gallery landing page images


Photo gallery album thumbnails 352x198