The impact of file size caps

August 30, 2018
"All I did was edit my page—I didn't touch the original image" While we've always advocated for properly optimizing images for the web, it's only since we instated a consistent limit of 3MB file sizes for every attachment region in SiteFarm that the impact of that change in our 5.0.0 release has brought to light how that truly affects our users and their sites. Maybe this has impacted you or maybe you haven't come across it yet, but let's take a look at how you can review your site's files to identify and replace culprits before they become a real problem.

Using bullet list styles for aligning linked text and images horizontally

August 23, 2018
You don't always want to use blocks to create the layouts you want; sometimes it would be so much nicer just to, somehow, embed your images and some text across your page. And would an embedded link be too much to ask? Ask away—we have your solution for you.

Multi-image Upload

If a content type offers you the ability to upload an image--specifically outside of the WYSIWYG add image option--you will have the option to upload more than one image at a time, making the process more efficient.

"Where can I get great images for my site?"

February 22, 2017
You want to add color and visual interest to your page or story, but you don't have access to many images or the budget or approval to buy them. What can you do?

Adding images

Images in SiteFarm are uploaded and permanently attached to a single content type or block. It's possible to add multiple images to the WYSIWYG section, as well as a single primary image when the region is offered.

Prepping images

We recommend you prepare your images before you upload them to your site in order to maximize their quality and functionality.