Block regions

What is a block region?

A block region is a defined location on a content type. Regions are typically created as part of a site's overall theme and represent a structured section of the content type, however it ultimately is displayed.

Reviewing the available block regions in SiteFarm

You can review the available block regions by:

  1. From the admin panel, click on the shortcut Blocks or navigate to Structure > Block Layouts.
  2. Located just above the table listing all the system blocks and custom blocks is a link titled Demonstrate block regions (SiteFarm One). Click the link to proceed.
  3. The screen will display for you a series of highlighted sections representing each region. In order, the list of regions, from top to bottom are:Screenshot of the available block regions in the SiteFarm template
    1. Header
    2. Navigation
    3. Quick Links
    4. Page Title
    5. Pre Content
    6. Link Grid
    7. Top Content 1 | Top Content 2 | Top Content 3 | Top Content 4
    8. First Sidebar  |  Content  |  Second Sidebar
    9. Bottom Content 1 | Bottom Content 2 | Bottom Content 3 | Bottom Content 4
    10. Footer
    11. Footer Credits
  4. Exist the view by clicking on the button in the upper left corner labeled Exit block region demonstration.

Sidebars and Content

This section is where you will predominantly add your custom blocks. It's important to understand its default behavior. If you leave a region empty in this area, the other content will flow to fill it.

100% Content
Leave your sidebars for the page completely empty and your content will fill the defined space.

First Sidebar and Content
If your second sidebar is left empty, your content will flow to fill that space.

Content and Second Sidebar
If your first sidebar is left empty, your content will flow to fill that space, then leave room for the second sidebar.

Page example

The full page example screen capture below represents a Basic page content type assembled with a series of body content, images, custom blocks and system blocks. To understand the mapping of the output to the regions, those corresponding sections have been numbered.

  1. Pre-content region - Primary image placement for the Basic Page content type
  2. Content region - Body content and image from the WYSIWYG
  3. Second Sidebar region - contains three custom blocks (marketing highlight-horizontal, focal link, and marketing highlight) and the social media Follow Us block
  4. Footer region - SiteFarm logo
  5. Footer Credits region - defaulted content including address, campus links, and copyright information
Full basic page example of how the various regions can be used.
Example of a Basic Page, its utilized regions numbered to show how a layout can be achieved.