RETRO FIX: Inserting commas before credentials in Person pages

A red pen resting on a marked up page showing corrections to typed text.

As it turns out, our person page name titles were displaying incorrectly when followed by professional credentials. A person's name should be followed by a comma, after which the credentials should follow. In our latest release of SiteFarm 2.0, we've included this fix to correct the oversight. All future person pages will properly apply the comma. But that leaves us with person pages already created. How do you apply that comma retroactively?

Update all Person Pages at once to insert comma

  1. Navigate to Shortcuts > All Content 
  2. Using the filter feature, select the Person content type and click the Filter button 
  3. Click the checkbox just to the left of Title in the table below to select all the content 
  4. From the Action drop-down menu, select "Save content
  5. Click the Apply to Selected Items button
  6. If you have more than one page worth of person content, use the pager at the bottom and perform steps 1-5 for each subsequent page.
If credentials have been included in a Person page, the commas will be applied. If the person doesn't have credentials, the action will be ignored because the original credentials field is empty of content.