When evaluating site features, look for the label

SiteFarm Logo

SiteFarm has a lot of cool stuff in it. So do a lot of other sites used by campus departments. Thing is, a lot of sites are using the same theme and branding, but they're built on entirely different platforms or custom built for a specific client, and the problem is--all our sites look like they are part of the same service. This is probably the only downside of a successful branding campaign. So, how do you, our client, tell the difference? Check for the label.

SiteFarm now includes a label in the bottom footer stamping it as "This site is officially grown in SiteFarm". When you see that, you'll know it's ours and if you see an interesting feature or layout in a SiteFarm client's site, you're welcome to drop us an email and inquire about it. It's possible the element you're interested in is a custom element, developed either by the client themselves or by our development team, or already in the suite, but your interest can open up a broader discussion of whether or not a custom element should be evaluated for inclusion as a default offering.

Footer of a site displaying the label "This site is officially grown in SiteFarm" for easy identification.