Adding images

Images in SiteFarm are uploaded and permanently attached to a single content type or block. It's possible to add multiple images to the WYSIWYG section, as well as a single primary image when the region is offered.

Adding images to the WYSIWYG

  1. To add images to your content type, click on the Image icon Insert image icon.
  2. This will bring up the Add image dialog box:
    Insert image dialogue box
  3. Image - Click on Choose File to select an image from your local system
    Alternative text - this text has multiple purposes; it is required to meet accessibility requirements for visitors to your site who use a screen reader, and the text will appear instead if the link to the image is broken.
    Align - Determine if your image will float to the left, in the center, or to the right with the text wrapped around it, or None, which will have the text stop above the image and then resume below.
    Caption - If selected, you will have the option to add additional descriptive content that will appear beneath the image.
  4. Click Save to continue.
  5. If you did select the Caption option, you'll see this in your WYSIWYG:
    An image indicating where the caption should be entered.
  6. Click on the "Enter caption here" text and begin typing in your new caption, which will then output to look like this:
    Image with caption "A forest of Douglas Fir misted by fog".
  7. Click on Save and Keep Published or Save and unpublish.

Add a Primary Image

  1. Locate the Primary Image section of your content type if it's available:
    Screenshot of the Primary image upload fields.
  2. Click on Choose File and select an image from your local computer. File size is limited to 3MB or smaller; anything larger will trigger a warning message and not allow you to save your work.
  3. Once the image uploads, you will see these options:
    Primary image setting options
    Alternative text - (required) This text will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded.
  4. When complete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click your preferred Save option.