External Media block

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What is it?

The External Media block will provide you with a way to embed media--video and sound clips--into your site via an external URL from the location where your media is hosted. Hosting location examples include YouTube and Vimeo. Once the block is created, it can be used once or multiple times in various locations throughout your site and will allow visitors to play the media in-screen.

Example of services you can link from in SiteFarm


Please note, in the cases of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to embed a single post, not a full feed. Full feeds with parameters are possible but require a Site Manager to convert a basic block from Basic HTML to Full HTML and embed the code directly into the interface. Please note that this approach is considered a custom build and is not supported by the SiteFarm service in the event of problems or questions.

Where to use it

Technically, you can use it anywhere a block can be placed. That said, the External Media is ideal for home pages where independent components placed in standalone positions look great, or in sidebars or the top and bottom regions. If you would prefer to embed your media directly into the body of your content, consider using your WYSIWYG's insert media URL icon instead, located in the second bar, fourth from the left: Embed media URL icon

How to create an External Media block

  1. Navigate to Shortcuts » Blocks, OR on a specific page, use the Place block button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on a region to bring up the system block menu selection dialogue box.
  2. Use the "filter by block name" box to locate 'External Media' from the list.
  3. Provide the required Block Description and Embed URL
    NOTE: You must use the URL provided in YouTube's Share button and not the browser URL. See the instructions provided in the WYSIWYG write-up for the media embed example.
  4. Click Save to finish.

Demo of External Media added to a page


Twitter Demo

Steps to place your block

Please refer to the following write-ups to help you with the next steps of inserting your block in your content: