From Changelog #38 to SiteFarm 3.0

October 11, 2017
Our next major release for the SiteFarm service is scheduled to arrive right around Thanksgiving 2017. This Changelog will document the updates you can expect to see when SiteFarm 3.0 arrives!

Sprint #37 Complete

September 21, 2017
Our latest list of updates, fixes, and features. Most notable this sprint: the addition of a multiple units option in Person profiles, tags in the Cascade migration, and a person type field in the CSV file import.

Sprint #34 Complete

August 03, 2017

At this stage of development, these fixes, additions, and changes will be gathered into one update that will comprise the SiteFarm v.2.1 update scheduled for September 2017.

When evaluating site features, look for the label

August 02, 2017

SiteFarm has a lot of cool stuff in it. So do a lot of other sites used by campus departments. Thing is, a lot of sites are using the same theme and branding, but they're built on entirely different platforms or custom built for a specific client, and the problem is--all our sites look like they are part of the same service. This is probably the only downside of a successful branding campaign. So, how do you, our client, tell the difference? Check for the label.

The Great Migration

July 07, 2017
Read our brief update on the progress of our migration tools as we get closer to finalizing SiteFarm v8.2 and offer strategy ideas for how to approach your move from Cascade to SiteFarm.