"Why can some people see my blocks and others can't?"

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A SiteFarmer reported a problem with trying to share early site creation efforts with members of her department only to discover that many of their viewing experiences were different from her own.

On closer examination, she found that her colleagues couldn't see some of the blocks, but given that she could see them, it made for a confusing situation. What's happening here?

This is potentially a Visibility configuration issue.

To resolve:

  1. Navigate to a block you know others can't see and hover your mouse over it to reveal the edit icon in the block's upper right corner. Click on the icon.
  2. From the submenu, select Configure block.
  3. When the block settings appear, scroll down until you see the Visibility > Roles section and click on it.
  4. By default, no boxes in this section should be checked; you want everyone to see the content this block contains. If any boxes are checked, it means this block is only to be viewed by people with those roles. Uncheck the boxes.
  5. Click Save block to finish and then verify with your coworkers that the blocks are now visible.