New and Updated Documentation

Title Details Date
CAS Login Behavior New - An explanation of how CAS login process is handled with respect to where users are directed on successful authentication. 09/20/2023
Matrix of Roles and Permissions Updated - Contributors cannot assign taxonomy terms to a page. 09/19/2023
Client Groups Updated - Added notation to the Client Group list to indicate when an organization has a top-tiered group overseeing any site requests. Currently relevant to Engineering, Student Affairs, and Veterinary Medicine. 09/18/2023
Swap an existing homepage for one using Layout Builder New - Learn how to swap your existing homepage for one using the new Layout Builder feature. Applies to sites built before Friday, August 25, 2023. 08/29/2023
Assigning a Primary Site in a Site Collection Updated - When swapping a new site into Primary site position in a collection, users will need to send our team an email with the old site's administrative name for use to clear it from the Fastly cache. 08/29/2023
In-line Block Configuration Updated - A change to the submenu order just prior to deployment required a new screenshot and the Style Settings section explaining the Add a style options needed clarification for Vertical spacing. 08/29/2023