Redirect settings

The Redirect Settings represent the way redirects are handled on a global scale for your site. It is strongly recommended that you view this section as an advanced level feature and not change the default options already configured for you.

Fix 404 Pages

The Fix 404 pages is different that designating a 404 error page for your site. This feature lets you know what people have tried to navigate to directly but resulted in an error page. Either a search engine has an older link still in its index that people are clicking on or a visitor has a bookmark that is out of date. In both cases you want to make their experience of being taken to the correct location as quick and seamless as possible.


Should any of your page content change its title or URL pathway, the system is designed to automatically create a redirect from the original pathway to the new one. That said, you are also able to manually create such redirects as necessary.

Adding redirects is also an important part of a site launch if you're moving an existing site to SiteFarm. Your old site will likely have pages with paths that will need to be redirected to their new path on the new site.