Site Factory

"Fancy File Delete doesn't seem to be working"

Are you a Site Factory user? Yes? Good. This is for everyone, but especially for you. You may have used Fancy File Delete in the past and it worked just fine. Randomly, you may have experienced an instance or two where it looks like the file is gone from your site. You checked; it's no longer listed in Files and it's nowhere to be found in your Media Library. Read on and we'll show you the tricksy-hobbitsy way Site Factory can mess with your ability to remove sensitive documents in a timely manner.

Assigning a Primary Site in a Site Collection

To make a secondary website the primary website for a site collection (which associates the site collection's URL and any of its custom domain names with the new primary website):

  1. Go to the site collection detail page.
  2. In the Secondary sites in this collection section, find the website that you want to set as the new primary website.
  3. Click the website's Make primary button.



Should you be a Site Builder?

Let's look at a scenario. You've been working on your site for a month or two now, and you feel like you've mastered the basics—all the topics in the Training » For everyone and » For managers sections are familiar to you. Now, you find yourself looking critically at your site and thinking, "I feel like I should be able to do more with this." How you define more is the beginning of the discussion of whether or not you should consider becoming a Site Builder.

Introducing the Development Workflow for Subtheming

You've decided to subtheme your site. Huzzah! But, it's quite possible you're never done this before and you're not even sure what that means or where to begin. Making the decision to be a Site Builder and create custom elements for your site is a significant undertaking, but we want to give you a brief overview of what's involved in the workflow process to help you get started.

Understanding Site Factory

What is Site Factory?

Site Factory is the site management space where SiteFarm sites are created and hosted. It is an administrative space only; actual work on adding content and configuring the look and feel is done within the specific SiteFarm instance.

Who is Site Factory for?

It's for organizations with more than two or three sites who would like to:

Delete a site

If you no longer require a website that you administer, you can delete the website from Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

Duplicate a site

Duplication of a site can happen at any time and be done for different reasons:

Create a site in Site Factory

Before creating your site it's important to already be in the group you've been assigned to use, or to a subgroup with that larger grouping, AND leave your dashboard in Grid mode; creating a site from the default dashboard risks creating the site outside of your accessible area.