SiteFarm v2.0 will go live on July 29th

Release Date and New Features List for SiteFarm v2.0

We are excited to announce that SiteFarm v2.0 will be released and merged to the live service this weekend on July 29th!

This update marks the end of a three-month development phase during which we incorporated many of the features requested and fixed bugs reported by users. We've marked our progress in our ChangeLogs, but we would now like to bring you up to speed in a single entry to share the enhancements and fixes we've made in the last quarter.

A huge thank you to all of our SiteFarm community members who have taken the time to make suggestions, report on problems, and help us test several of these important changes!

Migration Tools - Experimental Mode

We've opened migration to a limited pool of beta users from the Cascade user community for early client testing. This period will last about a week to allow us a chance to observe it in use and catch any missed bugs, after which this feature will be available to any department wishing to join SiteFarm and migrate existing content from a v.2 Cascade site.

A separate announcement will follow on its full release about the second week of August 2017, available via an email request to the SiteFarm team to enable the migration module for you. In the meanwhile, if you are a site manager or site builder, or an interested Cascade user, we invite you to get familiar with the resources available from the Migration Tools section of the For Managers page.

Features and Fixes List

  • Links in the body content are now visible to meet usability and accessibility requirements
  • Focal link block and marketing highlight--horizontal block offer color branding options
  • Image focal point allows users to properly select the point of focus in an image and also preview it before saving
  • Insert video media directly into the main content region via the WYSIWYG with a URL
  • Insert file documents directly into body content text via the WYSIWYG icon
  • Revision history preview now works
  • Upload multiple images at one time to the gallery content type
  • Sitemap available in the footer
  • Person directory has improved sorting and listing options
  • Person summary blurb is available; text entered in this field will display as part of the overall directory, but not on the Person’s individual page
  • Insert Block button is available from the upper right corner of the admin panel, which reveals the available regions to which a block can be attached
  • Main campus address in footer region, found in the UC Credits block, is optional allowing users to disable it and/or replace it with their own departmental address
  • Trumba calendar integration available
  • External media block - almost identical to inserting video media, except this is a portable block that can be added to multiple locations or pages
  • All Alert notification styles available from the WYSIWYG style menu have had their alignment corrected to allow users to select their preferred alignment
  • File security management should be done using and linked from a SiteFarm site
  • Page and site security options are available for CAS-ifying a page, section, or entire site to a specified group of users
  • Accordion list style available when applied to bulleted lists
  • Article content type has “Posted by:” wording to avoid any confusion over the ownership of content republished on a departmental SiteFarm site when republished with permission
  • Webform is available offering robust form submissions, event registration, and data tracking
  • The main navigation bar can either be locked so it sticks to the top of the screen or scrolls away with the rest of the content up the page
  • UC Davis campus logo can be located on either the upper left or right corners of the site
  • Quick Link menu can contain three “highlighted” links and a secondary list of links presented in a single or double column
  • Any content listing that includes pagination will now provide better navigation elements to include first, last, next, previous, with a highlight on where a visitor is on that list
  • RSS feeds available from all article page types
  • Image file uploads have been limited to 3MB in size to encourage better image preparation prior to upload and, more importantly, improved page performance
  • Related content block available
  • Person reference available on Photo Gallery content type
  • Photo Gallery reference available on Event content type
  • Site Managers can configure a "Send new user a notification message" so any new user accounts added can receive a canned or customized welcome message to the site
  • Site Builder sub-theme training videos and documentation have been added to assist advanced users in learning the process to customize their site's theme or JavaScript-based functionality 
  • Social Media icons were skewed or missing in some versions of Internet Explorer. This has been fixed

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