Changelog SiteFarm 6.0.0 Released

This latest release of SiteFarm 6.0.0 comes with several high-impact updates and features to create added value for your sites, including Google Custom Search and the UC System's SiteImprove plugin for improving SEO, content quality, and accessibility compliance.

Special Characters

In the course of writing your content, you may discover you need to include special characters. The Omega symbol icon in your WYSIWYG bar (located on the second row, third from the right) contains the basic list of special characters that comes packaged with the version of CKEditor used in SiteFarm. The full menu is displayed in the screenshot below:

Feature Box

Within the WYSIWYG users have the ability to insert a Feature Box widget that includes a title and body area. The output will be embedded in the body of the page, and be styled to make it stand out visually.

Insert Pull Quotes

You have the ability to emphasize portions of your text content by styling it as a block quote or pull quote.