Create site groups

Creating groups and sub-groups

To create a new group or sub-group:

  1. On the All my sites or All my groups page's action button, click New group (or New sub-group if you're creating a sub-group in an existing group or sub-group).

    New site group in Site Factory.

  2. Enter a Title for the new group.
  3. Select the Parent group for the group or sub-group that you're creating.

    The Parent list displays all of the groups and sub-groups to which you have access. If you have the platform admin role, you can also create the group at the top level, with no parent group.

  4. Click Create group (or Create sub-group if you're creating a sub-group in a group).

After Acquia Cloud Site Factory creates your new group or sub-group, it displays the new group's detail page.

New site group detail page.

Use this page to view the sites, site collections, and sub-groups contained by the group, as well as its group members. For more information about configuring user access to groups (including the sites and site collections they contain), see Managing site group users.