Understanding site collections

To help you develop and maintain your production websites, you can create site collections, which bundle and organize related websites.

A site collection contains

  • a primary website (to which you can associate a custom domain name), and
  • one or more secondary websites

Site visitors can view the primary website in a site collection using one of the following URLs:

  • The individual website's Acquia Cloud Site Factory URL
  • The site collection's URL
  • One of the custom domain URLs associated with the site collection

For example, you have a production website for your department, but you also have a staging website that contains new content changes you're currently developing. Having both of these websites in a site collection, you can associate the current production website with a custom domain URL.

When the staging website is complete, you can swap the websites, making the staging website the production website with the custom domain URL (without having to contact the campus host clerk regarding the website change).