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"How do I help my intranet users log out of the site?"

First off, did you know you can secure your SiteFarm site instance to create an intranet for your department? You absolutely can! We have documentation available in the For Managers titled Securing your site for specific user groups with a section called Turn the site into an intranet to help you find the right configuration settings for your privacy and security needs.

So, let’s jump ahead in the process—you’ve configured your site for an intranet set-up. You’ve designated your key web people responsible for the actual creation and maintenance of content in the site, and given them one of the appropriate Roles (contributor, editor, or site manager). The people who need access, but are simply using the content, but not adding or editing anything, are your Authenticated Users. This means you’ve created an account for them, but haven’t assigned a Role to them beyond the default Authenticated User role given by default.

Excellent! Let’s say your colleague, Jane Analyst, is going to use the site to find some procedure information and download a PDF from the site. Because the site is a protected intranet, the site requires her to authenticate using her Kerberos ID and password. No problem; she logs in like usual. Your web team has already created the content and Jane Analyst finds it easily and gets the information she needs. 

For security reasons, you may have recommended to your users that they log off the site when they’re done. Jane Analyst wants to comply because there’s sensitive information in the site, but…how? Your web team has access to the Admin panel and can access the logout button, but an Authenticated User doesn’t see the panel. How can you fix this?

Manually creating a logout link for Authenticated Users

Since your users can’t see the admin panel as Authenticated Users, you will need to provide a link:

  • To log out of the site, but not all of CAS, make the link go to /user/logout.
  • To log out of everything, including CAS, use /caslogout instead.

You can take many different approaches, some of which could include:

How you decide to incorporate the logoff button is entirely you to you; just make sure your users know where to find it!

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